Terms of Use

  1. Company means OZ SATELLITE RENTALS its employees and agents.
    Contract means the contract comprised of the particulars set out on the face of this document.
    Customer means and includes the company, firm or person, the name of which is set out on the face of this document as the customer and any person whether as employee agent or otherwise, who makes this contract on behalf of such company, firm or person.
    Equipment means the goods specified on the face of this document as the subject of this contract.
  2. Inspection of equipment prior to or as soon as possible after taking delivery of the equipment the hirer will inspect and test the equipment to ensure so far as reasonably possible that the equipment is complete is and operating correctly.
  3. The customer agrees to pay applicable rental charges for the nominated rental period and any other applicable fees and charges in advance prior to shipment to customer.
  4. Delivery of equipment to the customer shall take place at the premises or by courier as set forth in the rental agreement. Return of the equipment by the customer is solely at the customer's expense and risk even if arranged by OZ Satellite Rentals and shall be returned to the premises of OZ Satellite Rentals from where it was dispatched. The customer agrees to not ship the equipment by post.
  5. The hire period may be extended at the request of the hirer if agreed by OZ Satellite Rentals. The hirer should notify OZ Satellite Rentals at least 7 days prior to return date if the hirer wishes to extend the period. If the hirer returns the equipment to OZ Satellite Rentals after the return date ( without any agreement for extension) than the hirer will pay a RENTAL CHARGE PENTALTY to OZ Satellite Rentals at a rate of one days hire per day for the period from the scheduled return date to the actual date of return of the equipment. Cancellation of the agreed hire period, less than 5 days before the start of the hire period, will attract a cancellation fee of 25% of total hire charge.
  6. If there is any breakdown or failure of the equipment, the hirer must notify OZ Satellite Rentals and return the equipment to OZ Satellite Rentals as soon as possible. The hirer must not repair or attempt to repair the equipment.
  7. If a breakdown or failure of the equipment is due to any defect or cause other than misuse or damage for which the hirer is responsible then OZ satellite Rentals will repair replace the equipment as soon as may reasonably be possible at its cost.
  8. The hirer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment, however the loss or damage is caused, except for any loss or damage arising from defect in the equipment and the hirer will indemnify OZ Satellite Rentals for any such loss or damage and the cost of repair or replacement of equipment or any part of the equipment. The hirer will also indemnify OZ Satellite Rentals for any costs or expenses arising out of a breach of the hire agreement by the hirer including cost of recovery of the equipment and legal fees. OZ Satellite Rentals may add to any monthly, weekly or final invoice any amounts that the hirer is to indemnify OZ Satellite Rentals for.
  9. 9. Take note that the company accepts no liability or responsibility of any nature whatsoever or howsoever arising of or incidental to the use of the said equipment. We recommend that you test all the hire equipment before to head out on your trip. It is your responsibility to test the hire gear before your trip.

Satellite Phone Specific Terms

  1. Post paid airtime. Upon receipt of the telephone bill(s) by OZ Satellite Rentals, an invoice will be raised for all calls made whilst on rental. Payment of the invoice shall be made immediately from your nominated credit card.
  2. Along with potential incorrect use (ie next to buildings/abstraction), the Iridium system have inherent flaws and anomalies that can create dropped calls of either voice or data. Dropped calls will not be credited.
  3. The rental charge does not include the cost of telephone calls or other charges incurred by the use of the equipment by the hirer. Calls charges will be added to the monthly, weekly or final invoice.

Customer also agrees that additional charge with be made after the rental period airtime, extra rental days, damages and or loss of equipment, unclean. There are no refunds or credits for early returns.

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