Electric Trailer Brake Controller Hire

Electric Trailer Brake Controller
Electric Trailer Brake Controller

Hire equipment organisations have been limited in trailer load capacity based on the trailer braking laws and the ability of the hirer to have an electric brake controller.

Elecbrakes has solved this problem through their game changing, innovative portable electric brake controller. Now anyone can tow with an Elecbrakes fitted trailer.

Since varying trailer loads require varying brake force, Elecbrakes provides you with owner configurable preset programs tailored to the trailers needs.

The device allows you to save preset programs to suit varying trailer loads - perfect for industrial trailer owners. The saved programs ensure the trailer braking is correctly set up significantly reducing wear and tear from incorrectly configured brakes.

This version of Elecbrakes (ELBC2000 P1.5) comes with a user specified adapter allowing the user to mount the unit, connect the adapter plugs to the tow vehicle, trailer and elecbrakes device and be on the road with proportional brake control in approximately 10 minutes.

This plug and play version of the elecbrakes device (ELBC2000 P1.5) has identical functionality to the standard hardwired version (ELBC2000), the difference being that it comes with waterproof connecters and the adapters are pre wired, taking away any requirement for the user to splice Elecbrakes into the trailer existing circuits.

The ELBC2000 P1.5 requires a user specified adapter to operate, the adapter configuration takes into consideration the tow vehicles socket and the trailers plug to suit the needs of the user. Adapters are available in all common combinations using flat 7 and 12 sockets and plugs and well as 7 pin round small and large combinations.

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Rental Rates

1 Week$55.00
2 Weeks$105.00
3 Weeks$150.00
4 Weeks$190.00

Rates for other rental periods available on application.

This item is available for hire Australia Wide. Freight charge $25.00 each way.

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