Portable Power Station Battery Hire

Portable Power Station Battery

iTECH500P 50Ah Lithium Portable Power Station with 500w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The iTECH500P is easy to pack and ready to keep you powered. Perfect for short weekend trips.

Advanced battery protection and sleek design make for a lightweight, big power solution. With lithium-ion packs and increased shelf life means you are ready for any type of project.

12V Regulated power works longer and is more stable. The ITECH500P has a 12v regulated power output to prevent any devices from shutting down when the power in the battery gets low. Devices such as portable fridges, freezers and CPAP machines will keep running by holding the voltage at 12v even if the battery pack goes lower, the output stays 12v.

Powerful 230v AC, USB(3A), USB QC (18W), USB Type C PD (60W max) and regulated 12V Outputs. Whether you're looking to keep phones and tablets charged up, or running lights or camera equipment, fan, C-PAP machine under 500w or 12v Fridge. The iTECH500P Lithium features a variety of outputs, including a 500w / 1000w max pure-sine AC inverter to ensure you have power when you need it.

Port Type Output

USB A2x 5V up to 3.1A
USB A QCQuick charge 3-12V 18W
USB C PD5-20V 60W max in or out
DC Carport12V up to 10A, 120W max
5.5mm Port2x 12V 5A, 60W each
AC2x 240V 500W / 1000W max pure sine wave inverter


wall adapter + USB-C PD 60W4.5hrs Max power in 156W
Wall adapter7-8hrs Max power in 96W (11-24v)
Car adapter8-9hrs Max power in 96W (11-24v)
30A Anderson (solar)6-7hrs Max power in 120W (11-24v)
USBC PD8-9hrs Max power in 60W (5-20v)


Weight8 kg
Dimensions324 x 197 x 186 (LxWxH with handle folded down)
Working Temp0-40 C
Peak Capacity50Ah 614WH
Cell ChemistryLithium-ion LiFePO4

Rental Rates

1 Week$85.00
2 Weeks$115.00
3 Weeks$145.00
4 Weeks$175.00

Rates for other rental periods available on application.

This item is only available for collection and drop off at our Melbourne office.

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