Satellite Phone Hire

Satellite Phone hire is where we started nearly 15 years ago and we continue to offer all your satellite phone rental needs. Be it short term or long term, on any of the major satellite networks, we've got you covered. Our satellite phones are perfect for outback holidays, working in remote areas and anything else which takes you away from the luxury of the regular mobile phone network.

Available Models

Iridium 9555

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

Iridium Satellite Phone Inmarsat Satellite Phone

How Iridium system works:

Only Iridium's global service allows field personnel to send and receive voice, messaging and data regardless of location. Individual-to-office, office-to-individual, individual-to-individual. Compact, rugged, and flexible, Iridium equipment is easy to carry, easy to use, and yet affordable.

Iridium has some 66 low earth satellites nearly 1000 km above the earth, with a further 12 spare satellite orbiting in a constellation that covers the surface of the globe, The Iridium constellation, are cross-linked for intercommunication. The phones work in the open, with direct line of sight contract with the Iridium satellites. Non line of sight voice and data connectivity onboard and inside vessels, aircraft buildings, and land based vehicles can be accessed using an external antenna.

Special Terms & Conditions

Any loss or damage that occurs to the phone is the responsibility of the renter and it is up to the renter to make good and compensate Oz Satellite Rentals for a replacement phone to the value of $2300.00 plus GST or in the case of damage that is repairable the renter will be responsible to make good the cost of repair and the daily rental of the phone until it is suitable for rental again.

Add limited insurance for only $15/day or add it to your home and content insurance.

Rent or Buy

Rental doesn't suit you? We also sell Satellite Phones and can get you connected with your very own plan. Email or call us today to discuss your needs.

Rental Rates

2 Days$60.00
1 Week$99.00
2 Weeks$185.00
3 Weeks$270.00
4 Weeks$350.00

Rates for other rental periods available on application.

This item is available for hire Australia Wide. Freight charge $25.00 each way.

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